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        What is the current technology of magnetostrictive displacement sensor?

        2022-07-05 372

        As a skill in the 1980s, magnetostrictive displacement sensor is constantly developing and improving, and has now entered the application field of fine measurement and positioning.

        Early products:

        1、 Because the skill of waveguide wire is not perfect, the material organization of waveguide wire is uneven, resulting in poor accuracy;

        2、 Because the operation speed of the chip is not high, the echo frequency is not fast, which restricts the application of the product. For example, it can be used in the liquid level measurement system, but cannot be used to inform the measurement of moving objects;

        3、 Because of the poor anti disturbance ability (also due to the slow computing speed of the chip), it can not resist electromagnetic or servo disturbance, and many modern devices choose servo controllers, which restricts its application;


        4、 Because of the constraints of algorithm chips, the quality and characteristics of products are affected.

        Now, because the above limitations have been broken, the accuracy of the magnetostrictive displacement sensor has reached 0.01% FS, the echo frequency has reached 2000Hz, it can resist the disturbance of electromagnetic or servo system, and various signal transmission methods have been improved. More importantly, the development of digital skills has broken through the output types of SSI, can bus, start stop, etc., which has effectively cooperated with the application of digital skills in the field of industrial automation and become a new product with a sudden rise.

        Article source: magnetostrictive displacement sensorhttp://www.sinnabulgo.com


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