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        How to maintain the magnetostrictive displacement sensor?

        2022-07-05 359

        Displacement sensor is a kind of linear equipment with metal inductive property, which converts various measured physical quantities into electrical quantities when it works. There are several aspects that are very important when using the linear displacement sensor, otherwise it will simply lead to damage.

        How to ensure the displacement sensor to reduce damage?

        First of all, when the displacement sensor is used, it will simply lead to line aging and wear due to mechanical movement. At the same time, in the process of application, many impurities, water mixture and oil are simply introduced, which will have a very serious impact on the touch resistance of the brush. The situation that often appears is that the data output by the sensor is not very stable, and the numbers on the digital display will jump frequently.


        Secondly, the problem of power supply, we should eliminate those displacement sensors that do not need independent power supply. Generally, the power supply of the displacement sensor is 24 v. if the power capacity becomes smaller, the movement of the sol will cause the appearance of the mold closing electronic ruler to change or shake, and the mold closing movement may also cause the glue injection displacement sensor to shake, resulting in a relatively large error in the measurement results. If the driving power supply of the solenoid valve and the driving power supply of the linear displacement sensor are together, it will be very simple to have these conditions. If the situation is very serious, the voltage fluctuation can be tested with a multimeter. Then, the disturbance of frequency modulation and electrostatic disturbance. To distinguish the signal wire of the displacement sensor from the strong wire of the equipment, the displacement sensor should use a grounding bracket, and its shell should be touched with the ground. If you want to check whether the displacement sensor presents electrostatic disturbance, you can connect the cover screw on the displacement sensor with some metal sections on the equipment with a power line. As soon as you connect it, the electrostatic disturbance will disappear.

        Article source: magnetostrictive displacement sensorhttp://www.sinnabulgo.com


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