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        For the selection of magnetostrictive displacement sensor in oil field?

        2022-07-05 382

        The flexible magnetoelastic displacement sensor is specially designed for oil fields and other fields, and its features are targeted, which is very suitable for oil tank applications in oil fields. Therefore, in the reconstruction of oil field, flexible magnetoelastic displacement sensor has become the choice.
        The flexible magnetoelastic displacement sensor has the following features:

        1. The measurement principle is advanced, the instrument induction accuracy is high, and the measurement error of tank liquid level measurement occasions with high measurement requirements is within 5mm, which can not be reached by other liquid level appearance;

        2. The liquid level and oil-water interface can be measured together, and the multi-point liquid level temperature can also be measured together. Its unique function is: it can measure the liquid level of the settling tank and the position of the oil-water interface together, and can provide the oil volume data of the settling tank in real time, which can not be reached by other liquid levels;

        3. High resolution, up to 0.001mm, which can not be reached by other liquid level appearance;

        4. The performance is stable and not affected by the pressure and temperature in the tank;


        5. The anti-corrosion structure design meets the corrosive measurement environment of crude oil;

        6. Digital signal transmission, including SSI (synchronous serial interface) and modbos protocol, has strong transmission stability, and the signal transmission distance can reach 2000 meters;

        7. It is suitable for various working conditions, reaching the intrinsically safe explosion-proof (exiaii BT5) specification, and is suitable for all kinds of safety On occasions with high requirements, it can be directly connected with a variety of configuration software, with a simple architecture and high cost performance;

        8. The maintenance workload is small and the service life is long. Together with reducing the labor intensity, it solves the problem of manual tank climbing All hidden dangers.

        After the flexible magnetoelastic displacement sensor is selected, the settlement tank needs to measure the oil level and the position of the oil-water interface, so double floating balls are selected; The purification tank only needs to measure the liquid level of oil, so a single floating ball is selected. Together, a corresponding number of temperature sensors can be installed in the flexible magnetoelastic displacement sensor to measure the temperature in the tank according to the measurement requirements of each tank for temperature points. In terms of data transmission, MODBUS (RTU) protocol is selected to connect with the computer after rs485/232 conversion, so as to ensure the stability of long-distance data transmission. Both the power line and the signal line are installed Full grid connection to enhance safety Full protection. Kydm-f data acquisition system is selected as the system software to facilitate customers to monitor and handle the whole system.

        Article source: magnetostrictive displacement sensorhttp://www.sinnabulgo.com


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