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        What fields can magnetostrictive displacement sensors be applied to?

        2022-07-05 388

        The application fields of magnetostrictive displacement sensors involve machinery manufacturing, industrial process control, car electronics, communication electronics, consumer electronics and other equipment.

        1. Car industry
        The key to the level of the electronic control system of modern cars lies in the number and level of pressure sensors. Now a general household car is equipped with about dozens to nearly 100 sensors, while the number of sensors on luxury cars can be up to more than 200, with more than 30 varieties and more than 100 varieties.

        2. Communication electronic products

        The substantial increase in the output of mobile phones and the continuous addition of new functions of mobile phones have brought opportunities and challenges to sensor shopping malls. The increasing share of color screen mobile phones and camera mobile phones shopping malls has added the application share of sensors in this field. In addition, ultrasonic sensors used in Group phones and cordless phones and magnetic field sensors used in magnetic storage media will be added strongly.


        3. Professional equipment
        Eddy current displacement sensor manufacturers have learned that professional equipment mainly includes doctors Treatment, ring Professional electronic equipment used in insurance, climate and other fields. Now doctor The amount of sensors in the field of medical treatment is unlimited, and the field requires sensor materials to be developed in the direction of miniaturization, low cost and high reliability.

        4. Industrial automation
        Sensors used in industrial fields, such as skill control, industrial machinery and traditional; Various measurement skill variables (such as temperature, liquid level, pressure, flow, etc.); Traditional proximity / positioning sensors that measure electrical characteristics (current, voltage, etc.) and physical quantities (motion, speed, load, and intensity).

        Article source: magnetostrictive displacement sensorhttp://www.sinnabulgo.com


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