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        Structure and characteristics of magnetostrictive displacement sensor

        2022-07-05 347

        With the development of technology, magnetostrictive displacement sensor in open channel flow measurement, the measured value is closer to manual measurement, and now it can replace manual calibration. Next, we will introduce the structure and characteristics of magnetostrictive displacement sensor.

        The structure of magnetoelastic displacement sensor is composed of stainless steel tube (measuring rod), magnetoelastic line (sensitive element waveguide wire), movable magnetic ring (with magnet inside) and electronic components.


        The characteristics of magnetostrictive displacement sensor mainly include:

        1. The measurement accuracy can reach 0.01% FS (full range), its nonlinear accuracy can be less than 0.05% FS, and the repetition accuracy can be less than 0.01% FS;

        2. Strong anti-interference ability;

        3. Reliable performance and long service life;

        4. Convenient device and debugging;

        5. Multi point and multi parameter liquid level measurement can be carried out, which can be self calibrated and free of protection.

        Article source: magnetostrictive displacement sensorhttp://www.sinnabulgo.com


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