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        Manufacturer of explosion-proof liquid level gauge: what is a magnetic floating liquid level gauge?

        2022-07-05 368

        Magnetic levitation liquid level gauge is a kind of material level instrument, which is applicable to pressure vessels such as petrochemical industry and power plants. Magnetic levitation liquid level gauge can replace the traditional glass controlled liquid level gauge. Magnetic levitation liquid level gauge has many advantages, such as low cost, multiple uses, convenience and reliability. However, magnetic levitation liquid level gauge sometimes presents the problem of prohibiting magnetic flap liquid level gauge.

        The container always operates, but the liquid level of the container always stops at a certain point. When the load of the container increases or decreases, the liquid level of the container remains unchanged, and the local liquid level gauge is inconsistent with the pressure differential liquid level gauge on the indoor display screen.

        The reason why the indication of the magnetic floating level gauge is forbidden: the water in the container rises or falls too fast, the float level gauge, that is, the float rises or falls too fast, and the magnetic flap does not have time to turn.

        The center of gravity of the magnetic flap is not at the central point. When the magnetic levitation rises, it flips with the magnetic levitation. When the magnetic levitation rises again, the flap returns to the original orientation. There is no magnetic flap level gauge that shows the water level. There are too many water impurities in the container, which are adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic levitation, forming a decline in magnetic levitation. When the magnetic levitation rises, it cannot drive the flap to roll.


        The measurement accuracy is high and comprehensive. The general measuring machine has a short measurement time. After a long time of use, the liquid level gauge will appear unclear and the data will be shaken. This magnetic flap liquid anti-corrosion liquid level gauge can provide users with accurate data for the magnetic flap liquid level gauge, and the stability of the data will be higher.

        The repair is simple, and it is easier for the operating staff to collect data. This is a good benefit for the assistance of this magnetic flap level gauge. Once, when the staff were working on the data, there was a great risk of transmitting the level gauge remotely, and the body of the operating staff would also be affected a lot. When this magnetic flap level gauge collected data, there was no need to worry about the occurrence of this situation, and there was a more secure collection environment, Moreover, if the magnetic flap level gauge shows damage, the repair process is also very simple, and the repair is convenient and easy.

        Article source: explosion proof liquid level gaugehttp://www.sinnabulgo.com


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