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        ( Ms Zhang )

        Phone: 18929003382

        Fax: 0750-6703782

        Address: East Industrial Zone, Huicheng Town, Xinhui District, Jiangmen city

        URL: www.sinnabulgo.com

        injection molding machine

        Application: provide position feedback for injection, mold locking and ejection stroke control of injection molding machine.

        Advantages: fast response time and reduced cycle time. It is strong and shockproof (especially for the vibration generated during ejection), without wear, without regular re marking and maintenance, and durable. For high-speed ejection, if the potential ruler needs to be replaced after three to six months, the DL magnetic ruler can be used for many years and is still accurate.

        Sensor: EO type magnetic ruler is recommended for common injection molding machine ejection ruler, and SA, GA and EO types can be used for mold locking and injection.

        The 3.8m long magnetostrictive sensor of our factory is installed on the 1800 ton injection molding machine of a large-scale injection molding machine manufacturing plant in Dongguan


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